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We’re a group of volunteers from our graduation class that believe in the value of remaining connected. Please join our email list and roster and let other MVB alumni, teachers and friends know about us.

2007 Reunion Committee

Roberta Dacks

Mitch Kahn

Doug Firestone

Rick Fischer

Barbara Dobkin-Brochstein

Roseann Lamendola

Michelle Tuttie-Widman

Susan Deutsch-Florman

Howard Nahmias

We only require your name (including maiden name) and email address. You may also give us your phone number and address if you wish. All information is kept strictly private. If you didn’t graduate in 1970, please tell us what year you did graduate.

EMAIL ADDRESS LINK:  To make it easy for old friends to get in touch we can link your email address to your name on the website roster but you must “opt in” by specifically telling us if you’d like to do this.


Your privacy is paramount to us. Other than your name (and email address if you request a link) all personal information is kept strictly confidential and stored off the website. If for some reason you do not wish your name to appear in the website roster please let us,,

2015 Reunion Committee

Roberta Dacks

Mitch Kahn

Doug Firestone

Joe Pyeron

Warren Schein

Tom Beach